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i booked ticket from chalakudi to chennai can i board from trissur what is the procedure to inform railways

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my pnr number is 4128271930 presently i have come to trissur can i board the train from here. how to inform ttr in train we are not boarding in chalakudi but boading in trissur
asked 4 years ago in Queries by anonymous

3 Answers

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There is no this kind of facility available in Railways. Because when starts from destination, TC checked all passengers and their respective seats. If someone is not available then seats are allotted to other waitlisted passengers.
answered 4 years ago by anonymous
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Ya u can board the train from Thrissur for that u have to go to the Prs counter and change your boarding point 24 hrs before prior departure of the train.
answered 4 years ago by amjadkhan.patan (350 points)
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yes, u can change ur bording station from any railway's counter.
answered 4 years ago by anonymous

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