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My PNR is 4238113945. Will it get confirmed? Can i trvl with 5 frnds wid cnrfmd tckt in same trn?

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can i travel with my 5 friends in same train with confirmed ticket if my ticket is waitlisted...Its in 3AC
asked 4 years ago in Queries by anonymous

1 Answer

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Right now you have a confirmed upper berth. How can you possibly imagine to fit 4 other person in the same upper berth?


In any case, if the last passenger does not get confirmed, purchase a superfast general ticket for 3 of your friends. Talk to the TTE before boarding the train and request him to adjust 3 seperate berths or atleast adjust 2 LB/SLB so that 5 of you can adjust easily.


Regarding the confirmation chances, with the train having 3-3AC Coaches, confirmation chances are really bright.
answered 4 years ago by dipyaman_basu (1,840 points)

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