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train no 12841 to travel from vijayawada to visakhapatanam what is 2nd ac reservation charge

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iam travelling in train no 12841 from vijayawada to visakhapatanam. purchased ticket up to barampur. if i want to travel in reservation coach, up to which place reservation charges are applicable. up to barampur or up to vizag.
asked 4 years ago in Knowledge by anonymous

1 Answer

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Fares for vijayawada to visakhapatanam (all of the fare are round figure, it may vary to 20 more or less for differernt trains.

1AC - 1050/-

2AC - 600/-

3AC - 460/-

Sleeper - 100/-

and train no 12841goes visakhapatanam to vijayawada and fare is Rs 639/-

answered 4 years ago by anonymous

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