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Very poor service and hygiene in the coach Duronto.

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Duronto (Secunderbad to Mumbai) 14th June, 2011 Awefull catering service with food served cold. Lack of responsibility of the coach assistant. Toilets were stinking the whole journey with no one to take responsible. Very Pathetic service

Washrooms were stinking throughout the day, with no one to clean them. Flush was not working at all. Food was served cold. Even tea was very cold. Water was not supplied unless and until provoked and demanded.

Please look into this. This is not expected in Duronto. Very poor service and hygiene in the coach

asked 4 years ago in Complaints by anonymous

1 Answer

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Alway lodge your complaint of state/central government on this site http://www.pgportal.gov.in/   You will get prompt reply

answered 4 years ago by anonymous

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